This year, our 10th year anniversary track event that will be held on Sept. 17th 2016! We hope to see you there!



Eastern View High School Track


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The Tri-County Track Meet is sponsored by local businesses and has enjoyed tremendous success in its first 10 years of existence. 2016 will be our 10th running of this event and we would love for you to participate.

For each event the winner in each age bracket will be awarded a gold medal and will earn 3 points for their county. Second Place will earn a silver medal and 2 points; Third Place, a bronze medal and 1 point. The name of the county with the most points at the end of the meet will be engraved on the Tri-County Winners Trophy, and it will remain in that county's possession until the next year's meet.

This year's event will be held at Eastern View High School in Culpeper on September 17th. Runners must check in at least 30 minutes before their event.  The first event (1 Mile Run) will begin at 8:30AM.  The order of events is as follows (Mile Run; 50m; 400m; 100m; 800m; 200m).  Long Jump, Shot Put or Softball throw contestants may jump or throw at any time during the meet. Each contestant will be allowed one warm-up throw/jump and then two attempts to achieve their best distance. No spikes longer than 1/4".

This track meet is open to all residents of Culpeper, Madison and Orange Counties in Virginia.... from Ages 4 - 79. Non residents are welcome to attend the venue in support of family and friends.

All mailed registration entries must be postmarked NLT September 10th, 2015. There will be NO registering for the event after the deadline. This means absolutely NO registration on the day of the meet. The cost for each event is only $2 to register.

The county that has the largest number of residents in the Meet has the best chance of winning. Do you want to help bring the Winner's Trophy to your county this year? You can do so by Registering Online or by filling out and mailing in the Registration Form. We hope to see you there!

For more information call us at (571) 814-3060.

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